Sunday, April 14, 2013

Moments | The Big Bike Ride

M wears: Modern hero hoodie by Mini & Maximus // Scuba dog top by Mini & Maximus // Fringe shorts by Mini & Maximus // shoes by Hummel Kids.  

Some photos from our big bike ride the other day. M and myself had talked about going for a longer bike trip for a while but somehow the day had been pushed ahead since there were so much other stuff to do during the school holiday. But finally the day arrived when we woke up to blue sky and sun and it was just the perfect sort of day for a longer bike ride. It was our first "real" bike ride together with no bike trailer and no bike with training wheel and so on. M has always gotten around on her scooter so the bike sort of got forgotten about so it was actually not too long ago she took her training wheels off, or she just sorted hopped on a friends bike with no training wheels and just started biking like she had done nothing else. So this was a good day to just go out and set her free on two wheels.

We biked down by the sea front, followed the little bike paths all the way to the kiosk were we had a ice cream / coffee break and just enjoyed some people watching. People here are still in the water and on the beach, enjoying a dip in the blue and a play in the sand. After our break we then proceeded to bike some more and found a great little hidden playground which we both had fun at. We had beautiful city views on our ride and it was one of those days were you really appreciated that you live so close by the seaside. The settings and scenery is always changing down here.

By the time we got home we had been out for over 4 hours! Such a good day which we gladly will do again very soon... 


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