Friday, November 9, 2012

Moments | Rollin' rollin'

D wears: Sweater by Munster // Leggings by SKRW // Beanie by Vans // Shoes by Puma.

Some images from today's skating Friday. The old board comes out more often now when the weather is starting to behave a bit better. So far it is a lot of belly boarding and balancing with two feet with a bit of mum help, but it is a lot of fun to do together. Even mum here got a fair tour on the board and I have to say the old moves are still there..haha. But I know how it goes, as soon as you get a bit too confident you break a leg! Can still pop an ollie though which probably got me a bit higher on the mum is pretty alright scale with the little man :) even though all he said was... "LOUD!"

Have a lovely weekend peeps!


  1. Can't help but loving all your boy's outfits!! :) My boy had those shoes this summer and they were great!!

    1. Hi Päivi! Yes those shoes are great, they have had a good run, only wish they still made them :) Have a nice weekend!


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