Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moments | Change of Pace

D wears: Longsleeve by Paul & Paula // Knit by Cotton On Kids // Cap by Billabong // Baggy leggings by Popupshop // Shoes by Converse.

Exploring Thursday with D is as always a lovely stop in the weeks busy pace. I love these days when you actually have time to just stop and talk about bugs for 20 minutes. No have to's, no laters, just now. You realize just how important it is to take time with the little ones. D started talking a lot later than his sister and his speech is still a bit unclear at times so it feels extra nice to knock down the pace a bit and just fully listen and fix a few pronunciations here and there. I am also thrilled to say this little guy is now fully toilet trained. I thought it would take a while but within 3 days he is going to the toilet like he had done nothing else in his life... sometimes they just amaze you. Proud of you little guy!!


  1. Way to go D! :D
    My son was also late speaker and still there's some words that are bit unclear but most of the time he's speaking very clearly. :) I remember the time when we, his family, were like the only people in the world who understood what he said. :D

    1. Sari, thanks, it's sort of nice to hear there are more similar stories out there. My daughter was such a parrot and talked so much so early, while my son was a lot earlier in the walking and riding bikes and what not but not in the talking department. He has improved so much in such a short time though so we are hoping it will be like your son and it will just sort itself with a bit of more practice :)


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