Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Moments | Munster Day!

D wears: Tee by Munster Kids // Jeans by Munster Kids // Backpack by Munster Kids // Shoes by Native shoes // Beanie by Vans.

Yep, I got the instagram bug, or I guess I am making up for lost time. So if you want to see more of instant snap shots from our daily routines and what not, you can find us here. Today we got a generous c/o package from no other than Munster Kids. Our favorite Australian label that is packed with so much cool it is hard to imagine :) We have loved this label for such a long time, and I know just how great quality they put into their threads. We instantly put them to the test and headed off to our local skatepark to give them a good going over. The little guy was running amok on the bowl walls using them as slides and getting his groove on. I was amazed with how soft the jeans were. I normally don't buy any jeans for this age unless they are nice and comfortable and these were an instant hit, he even starting to refuse to take them off for bedtime. Another big joy were the bug backpack. You can't see it but this backpack is soft! It's got this nice hang to it and is really comfy to wear on the back because of it's softness. Of course the multicolored bug print was a big bonus as well.

I know these clothes will last because we have already invested in them before and are still very happy with them even though they have been played hard in and seen endless of washing runs. Massive thanks to Munster for letting my little people rock this summer in their threads. They will be well used and will see a lot of awesome days of fun in the sun!

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