Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moments | Boot Camp

M wears: Top by Molo // Leggings by Cotton On Kids // Skirt (dress up gift from mormor) // Cap by Element. D wears: Zip up Sweater by Nova Star // Tee by Minti // Pants by Rittenhouse // Beanie by Zoo York.

This weekend has one goal on its list. To get the little man fully toilet trained. There has been a couple of attempts that have all started good and then gone a bit downhill. He does go to the toilet at home if you keep reminding him, but in the end I think we simply have to go off the pull up nappies totally for him to realize the cause and effect of being wet. So today it was on with the underpants and off to a place were it would be OK to get a bit wet :) So far so good... I am guessing the favorite phrase of this weekend will be... "do you need to go to the toilet"?

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