Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Embrace the Dirt!

What is it with boys and wearing their clothes to pieces? They get stuck in trees and have ripped holes in the clothes to prove it, they crawl on their knees (sometimes I wonder why I even buy shoes!) they seem to use their shirts and tees like it is one big portable napkin! The list goes on... I am sure girls are pretty good at it as well, but I have to say there is a difference in how they wear clothes in my family. Here is a quick ABC list of some neat things for boys of all sizes that can actually work with them and not against them in their quest for adventures!

All items comes from About A Boy.

A. Bike suit, navy stripe by Munster / B. Littlehorn bat singlet by Littlehorn / C. I Am New l/s by Minti / D. Bat boardies by Littlehorn / E. Car Crash pillow by Munster / F. Street art backpack by Munster / G. Skateboard trucks Cap by Munster.


  1. I so know what you are talking about! Boys will be boys... :D

    1. Yup for sure!! I find with adding some prints or stripes they last longer :)


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