Thursday, November 8, 2012

For Scandinavian Lovers

Lille Nord is a new online magazine for trendy parents and children alike with a love for everything Scandinavian. Our mission is to inspire our readers and show them the best from The North. Featuring a range of upcoming and established, Scandinavian designers, artists, illustrators, fun DIY projects and inspiration to your home, party and cooking.

The first issue of Lille Nord is based around the theme `Halloween´. They guide you to make a great party, yummy food recipes for the little guests and ideas for decoration. They also present a fashion editorial with skaters and one with vintage style, DIY projects, a free print from this issue´s illustrator and easy knit recipes you can do when the autumn kicks in.

Lille Nord magazine is based in Copenhagen and founded by photographer Monica Bach and graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen.

Click to read their first issue. Next issue will be available 30th of November.

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