Friday, November 9, 2012

BIG Imagination!

A little something landed in our mailbox the other day, the brand spanking new issue of BIG KIDS MAGAZINE.. An Australian art magazine that makes both kids and adults drool of delight. We were thrilled to see the drawings Mika did in there. The theme  of this issue was GAME ON, were kids and adults could share their art and thoughts of their favorite games. At the time M was playing an old Japanese game by Namco that I use to like a while back called KATAMARI. A whimsical tale of a prince that has to push a big ball of items around as quickly as possible or his father the king will grow annoyed and disappointed (I know... it sounds all bizarre but very fun to play). So M did her own take on the classic characters of Katamari (which I think she thought was the best part of the game.) It was great seeing her face when she found her own stuff in the magazine, "I made this!!"

With the magazine there is a couple of nice old school 3D glasses. They were big hit with both kids, and they got a kick out of watching the cover pop out in 3D when they looked through the glasses. D even got so smitten with them he insisted on scootering with them on, total super hero look in his mind. The magazine is such a great initiative. It is packed with imagination and it can only rub off on its readers! Find out how you can subscribe to this great mag here, or how to hand in your own submission for the next issue:  Into the Dark.

Big thanks to Jo & Lilly for sending us a copy our way. We love it!!

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