Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monster LOVE!

It was love at first sight when M finally got to see her drawings on the current collection, Animal Collective from Mini & Maximus. A big try it on session started and I had to grab the camera and shoot a few photos from it. We loved how the cat monster turned out on the different fabrics and colours. I think it is so great that even the girls get a chance to sport some monsters with the pink on pink tee and the popping orange hoodie is so spectacular to look at (big bonus is you will spot your kid on the playground super easy!) Little brother got a grey/black longsleeve tee that looked great on him, so the monsters are definitely in the house now!

We have always loved the MIMA pants, and these baggy leggings are so cool!! The monster tower M drew looks great on the back. I have always been a sucker for sneaky prints and this one is so neat as you make an extra take since it is on the back of the leg. Needless to say they will be worn a lot and we are looking forward to seeing more monster kids out there. Also available in the collections are the Royal Skate onesie, and the Big Wheel Monster. (if you reside in Australia both those items are available through Minibots.)


  1. WoW! Lovely pictures!
    I ordered our first Mini&Maximus hoodie, sweater and few pants from Aex&Alexa last week so I can't wait to get them. :)

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy your M&M clothes, they are lovely!

  2. Congrats to M for being so creative. They look fab


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