Thursday, October 25, 2012

Moments | Colds x 2!

 D wears: Zip-up hoodie by Moonkids // Tee by Bobo Choses // Jeans by I Dig Denim // Shoes by Puma.

We have been attacked by two bouts of cold viruses lately. One dragged home from school by M and another one generously shared from child care and D. Don't you just love when you just get over a cold only to be greeted with another straight after?? Ever since we moved to Australia I have had my fair share of catching up with a whole set of new viruses and it has been a bit of a tedious affair. It is a bit like you have to be born here to be immune to those kid viruses that you normally go through when you grow up. So I am on my second cold and I am eating all sorts of natural c vitamins I can get hold of. Both me and the little D man felt a bit heavy in the head today so we took it slow and decided to only go out to treat ourselves to some lunch and warm drinks. I love these little outings with my little man, and we manged to get through the day with not too many tantrums either... amazing!


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