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10 Minutes With

Welcome to another 10 Minutes With interview from the land of online fashion! It has been a while since our last visit, but have no fear, this time we have traveled all the way to UK, and to I Dream Elephants! Run by two fashion savvy ladies, Beatrix and Kelly this shop has quickly grown into one of the best shops out there, filled with international labels that seems to appeal to a huge costumer base.  Recently I had some time to have a little chat with the ladies and here is what came out of it. Enjoy your tour around I Dream Elephants.

Can you tell us a little about how I Dream Elephants started? What is your inspiration, and how did you come up with the name?

I Dream Elephants was thought up by Beatrix and Kelly. Kelly at the time was working for Petit Bateau, had studied Fashion Design at University and wanted for some time to start her own kidswear shop. Beatrix couldn't find certain labels for her little one and together they decided to start up I Dream Elephants.  

We wanted a name that really stuck out but also meant something. I had a cute carrier bag with two felt elephants with a heart between them and that's how it started. But if you dream of elephants it means building confidence or overcoming your fears or challenges. I Dream Elephants is helping build kids confidence through their clothes, helping the little ones develop their own unique style.

I like your Style guide and Outfit of the Week features on your website. Where do you go to find inspiration for small fashion?

I personally love Papier Mache Magazine, Small Magazine, Milk Magazine, Kidswear Magazine. I also get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, and vintage kidswear!! Also fashion magazines like W, Vouge, Nylon, etc. And for me music plays a huge role in inspiration.

Neon is quite back in again this season, what trends do you foresee for the upcoming winter/summer seasons?

I would like to see camos and military inspired trends, this is quite big for adult fashion and will soon trickle down to kidswear. I would love to see a camo tee mixed with a really pretty deep floral skirt, or a camo button-up shirt with some nice trousers and suspenders. More mixing of prints, making it fun for kids to dress themselves. More vintage inspired pieces.

If you could pick a favorite set for a boy and a girl from I Dream Elephants what would that be?

For boys I have two, I can't decide.
Bobo Choses Cat Shirt with ESP NO1 Grandpa Striped Cardigan with Scotch Shrunk Freeman Chino.
Kidscase Philly Sweater with Scotch Shrunk Miller Trousers with Rockefella Jerry Striped Suspenders and Bobo Choses Multi-Striped Hat.

For girls: Scotch R'Belle Dancing Shoes Tee with Fub Red Knit Skirt and Scotch R'Belle Sparkling Gold Suspenders and Scotch R'Belle Crew Neck Cardigan with Stars and the Scotch R'Belle Bear Bonnet For a winter coat, the beautiful Pale Cloud Celista Coat.

Shopping for upcoming collections from different labels is a big part of running a shop, how do you go about choosing the garments. Do you go on personal taste or do you think what the customers might want to buy?

We think in terms of outfits, how the garments will fit together. Some is personal taste but we also know what our customer is shopping for. But we like to try new things as well.
What is the best thing about owning your own children's wear shop?

You can be as creative as you like. There are no rules to what you do. And dressing the little ones are so much fun!

What is coming up next for I Dream Elephants? Any future plans you could share with us?

e just want to continue to establish our brand. We really want to focus on local designer and give them a chance to sell their collections in our shop. We always want to bring new and up and coming designers to our customers. Also, we are open to new ideas and brands so if our customers would like to see a brand in our shop, please have them contact us.

A big thanks to Beatrix and Kelly for showing us a glimpse of their I Dream Elephants universe. I had a blast going through their selections and I will have a hard time staying way from their gorgeous choices for kidswear. Right now I Dream Elephant is having their Mid Season Sale, so if you are interested in a massive 25% off their entire collection, be sure to check out their sale section while you are there! Simply type in MYELEPHANT25 at check out to redeem your 25% off.



  1. These interviews are so great, normally you don't know much about the shops you order from so I like this sort of introduction. The 25% off sounds great too!

    1. Chantal - thank you for your nice comments, glad to hear you are enjoying the shop interviews :) My thoughts exactly... Hope you find something nice over at I Dream Elephants.


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