Saturday, October 13, 2012

Moments | Saltwater Treasures

M wears: Zip up jacket by Bobo Choses // Denim bubble dress by H&M // Longsleeve by Katvig // Leggings by Mini Rodini // Shoes by Airwalk. D wears: Longsleeve by Rittenhouse // Leggings by SKRW // Beanie by Vans // Shoes by Converse

The promised forecast for today was rain and cold weather. After a couple of hours of a slow breakfast session we realized that there was not much rain about, so we decided to take the kids for some lunch by the bay. I think we are all a bit sun deprived after this long winter so it was nice feeling the warm sun on our cheeks. Of course there was no stopping shoes and socks from being thrown off and after about 5 minutes, the little guy was already out at sea. The kids found all kids of treasure in the water. Big sea shells, some krill that was collected in the buckets and all sorts of sea weed to decorate the sand castles with.

When it was time to get some lunch it was quite hard to even get D out of the water. He was having so much fun, but it is still not very warm in the water and his feet were turning pink, so after a bit of food bribing we finally got him up. We munched on prawn salad and calamari and it was so nice to sit with an awesome view of the bay. We spotted a couple of pelicans as well. I think this place so should change it's name to Pelican Bay instead, we always see them down here and they are so remarkable birds. We are hoping for another lovely day tomorrow...

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