Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moments | Afternoon

M wears: Knitted vest by Country Road // Tunic by BIG by Fiona // Leggings by H&M // Shoes by Native Shoes. 

The best bit about how things are structured right now is that I get to have 3 afternoons per week with just M after school. They seem extra important to her right now. We are almost a year into school and a lot has happened in that time. New friends have been made, new rules have been placed down, learning how to write, read and count... the list goes on. Sometimes I think it is a lot for a 6 year old (they are 5 when they begin school here) but most of the time she does it so effortlessly that I have begun to almost expect that there are no hurdles she can't face. But of course there is always something, sometime like a fight with a friend or something that feels new and scary to tackle, and then these afternoons are almost magic, because they give us time to talk and sit and fiddle with things like ladybugs in a jar and suddenly things seem to begin to look easy again.

Yesterday we watched The NeverEnding Story together. I still remember seeing it in the cinema and I loved the grand adventure that it gave me. It was great sharing it with my daughter and seeing it again like it was my first time...

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