Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moments | Age 3

D wears: Hoodie by Shampoodle // Jeans by Cotton on Kids // Tee by Acne miniature // Scarf (mums) by Urban Outfitters // Beanie by Cotton on Kids // Shoes by Vivobarefoot.

Some sun today so we met up with some good friends in the park. It was bit chilly when we went out but it quickly turned hot and then a bit cold again. We are basically living in zip up sweaters and vests over here. You can get a day with 28c one day and 13c the next. Thursdays are great, it is sort the first sign the weekend is coming up. The little man get a break from child care and it is just great to have half a day to just hang out and catch up on some one and one playing. It is fun to see how they change at this age. Yes sure it can get incredible tiresome when they throw a tantrum and decides the curb is their new best friend, but there is also so much maturing that happens at this age. He is so tender when playing with younger kids and babies, and there is a new found joy in seeing how they really enjoy playing with somebody their own age instead of playing side by side. Time is flying really... I better do a better job reminding myself of that when those tantrums comes around the corner!

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