Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In the bag!

I have had my eye on these thing for a long time now and finally the prices were too good to resist. Danish webshop Pipsqueak, has a great selection of labels and they also carry some of my favorites like Rika, I Dig Denim and Mini Nümph. The good thing about ordering overseas is that the tax is being withdrawn, so you can make some quite good bargains when you order from Europe etc. These items are currently on sale as well so there really weren't much to say no to :). The knitted sweat is ordered in a size 5-7 so both kids can enjoy it, and as far as the denims, the Dehli hang for the boy and the cool Anna denims for the girl.

1. Rika, Sweater // 2. I Dig Denim, Dehli hang // 3. Mini Nümph, Anna denim.


  1. Nice things!
    Rika was new brand to me, but I like it! :)

    1. Sari, yes Rika makes some lovely things, but has always been a bit too expensive for me to feel good about buying it, but a good sale is always a good reason :)


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