Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moments | Sweet Things

 D wears: Zip up sweater by New Generals // Pants by Mini & Maximus // Cap by Munster.

Some sweet things from today :) As usual the weekend went too fast. It was largely spent inside due to a massive spring clean project, but we managed to squeeze in some outside time too. Missy M was invited to a Halloween party so while she was entertained we took the little man out for a bit of park play. He loves his new pants from Mini & Maximus, a neat collab between the label and talented artist Evan Rossell. He also got a chance to try out his new zip up cardigan from New General which is so nice. Instant popularity with the little guy since it is featuring a big cool bug on the back. You can't go wrong with bugs and boys, at least not this one!

Hope you all had a good weekend out there! And yes I did eat that whole donut :)

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