Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parcel Love!

We woke up to the sound of rain on the window this morning. A constant drizzle was teasing our chances of going out and spending our day outside today. Just as we were ready to head on out, the postman came and knocked on our door. A parcel from Portugal! It was our order from the wonderful shop Loja Dada we did about a week ago.

D squealed with delight and wanted to open straight away. I thought he would be a bit dissapointed when he realized it was clothes (because lets face it... little boys would rather get a toy than clothes ) but the first thing he spotted was the Bobo Choses car zip up sweatshirt and he instantly demanded to wear it! So off came his clothes and on with the new sweater.. Brrrrmmmm! A big hit of course. We also unpacked the great terry pineapple shorts, the camping tee and the gorgeous wave blouse (all from Bobo Choses). You never get disappointed with the quality from this label and I love the fact that the kids seem to appreciate the clothes as much as the parents.


  1. Love the clothes! =)

    My boy is the same; every time we receive some parcel he's so excited! And when he sees it has clothes... Not so excited (with couple of exceptions; for example the bat hoodie from Paul & Paula made him yell with happiness! ;D).

  2. All very normal for little boys..haha. A toy is better any time! Yes we were very happy with our clothes. Now we just have to get spring over here so we can really hop into the summery clothes :)


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