Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cool DIY projects!

Since it is school holiday over here for the next two weeks I will try and share some of our DIY projects that we will try out. To start out, I wanted to share this exellent way of reusing your old crayons. Simply melt down your old stumps of crayons in a mold in the oven, and you will get brand new fun ones, that you can decided the shape and colour of yourself. Theses awesome crayons above is from Estéfi Machado. The full instructions are in Portuguese, but we used Google translator, and that worked out well.  


  1. Vilken fin ide annica, ska prova en dag!
    Hoppas att ni myser på lovet. Vilka fin fina bilder du har tagit på sistone!
    Love e m m a

    1. Hej Emma!!
      Oj var det var länge sedan! Hur länge stannar du i Sverige. Vi måste ses när ni kommer tillbaka! Tack vi skall mysa så mycket vi bara kan :)


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