Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moments | Treat!

M wears: Zip sweater by Geggamoja, Tee by Shampoodle, Pants by Shampoodle, Shoes by Natives.

Quick afternoon run to the local cafe for a little treat after a good day at school. Wow I am still amazed how quick they learn things down here in school. They have a pretty long day at school, 9-3.30 every day, and the kids are already reading!

Since I grew up in Sweden I was wondering if things were just moving a bit too quick here, after all you don't start school until at least age 6 there, but things have gone fine and she is enjoying school a lot. So every now and then she deserves a little trip down to the cafe and pick out a nice yummy cupcake. She took some of her stickers she got from Mini & Maximus of her cat monster and shared with all her class mates. She was proud as punch, and so was I for that matter.


  1. When coming from Finland (where we start school at age 7) I'm always amazed to hear that school starts around age 3-4 somewhere... Sounds so early! But still, the kids can learn to read at that age in Finland too if parents just start to teach them so it's no wonder that school could also start at that age. =)
    She totally deserves a trip to the cafe!

  2. Sari, here they start at age 5. But they start with letters and numbers in kindergarten which is age 3 and 4. I definitely thought it was a bit early to start with because of my own background, but the kids are doing so good. I think as long as it is not too serious and they are having fun while learning I am all for it. School last for such a long time though...its like a 13 year long marathon so as long as they are not rushed they should be able to enjoy the ride :)


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