Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moments | Hidden Gem

D wears: Knitted sweater by Witchery Kids, Jeans by Popupshop, Gumboots by Walnut Melbourne. // M wears: Knitted sweater by FUB, jeans by I Dig Denim, Gumboots by Bergstein.

We discovered a little secret gem today. Well I am not sure how secret it is, but we sure have missed it while we have been here. A nice little bay with some amazing rock formation and a great beach to play on. The tide was in and it was possible to really go to town with the buckets and the spades. We all helped out digging a big canal and built a little sand town to go with it... Heaps of fun and it was so nice to finally get some warm sun shining on us while we were out. We will definitely be back here! Next time we will check out those rocks, they looked a lot more red than in my photos. We are having a long weekend over here, so a day off tomorrow as well. I hope you have enjoyed your Sunday!


  1. I love your pictures!
    Vilket fantastiskt ställe ni hittat.
    Och barnen - alltid så fina, fina!

    1. Hej Ulrika! Tack tack..Ja du må tro det var ett bra litet gömställe, och en bra ursäkt att sätta på sig varma kläder och ta med spann och spade! Känns skönt man kan fortfarande gå till stranden och få lite sol och luft fast det är "vinter" nu. Ha en skön helg!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you.. its called Red Bluff :) Love your blog btw!!


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