Monday, June 25, 2012

Bang Bang CPH - Up Close!

I have always been impressed by the designs by Bang Bang CPH. The clothes are like beautiful circus costumes for little people and the colour combinations are simply to die for. These two little gems are the first ones we have got and I feel the urge to describe just how beautiful they are! We picked the Parade Sweat with triangles and the Kitty Tunic Dress. The dress is going to be such a big hit with my daughter. It is one of those dresses you just KNOW she is going to love for a long time. The fabric is buttery soft and the beautiful little sequins and the bow are just so lovely up close. The pale pink is a colour I know she will love so this will be every little girls dream for sure.

The Parade sweat is something we have seen earlier and I simply love how they have taken a marl grey sweater and managed put a party feel on it. The colour choices of the buntings are so good, and makes it a unisex choice as well. Both of these items will be available at Minibots very soon, so keep an eye out if you want to order that "something special" for you little ones wardrobe.

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