Friday, June 8, 2012

Creative excitement!!

There is some exciting things happening this fall! My girl has been drawing some characters for our favorite Californian label Mini & Maximus, and the other day we got to see the catalog with the finished clothes. It was a bit like Christmas really. M had almost forgotten she had drawn these since is was way back last year it all happened. We are super pleased with how her characters have been used on the layout of the clothes, and now we just have to figure out what we have to get from the Fall collection, which let me tell you won't be easy! There are so many cool graphics to pick from and to M's happy delight there are some pink coming her way as well! Keep an eye out for the Fall collection '12  of Mini & Maximus, hitting stores in the fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! So simple yet so cheeky :) They ran with four of her drawings so there will be plenty to choose between! So happy myself because it is such a favorite label of ours.

  2. Oh, those clothes will be a hit I bet! Wish I could stock this brand already...


    1. Are you going to stock them or still pending thought?? Yes hopefully they will do well. For us its just so neat that she can walk around wearing something she has drawn.


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