Monday, June 4, 2012

Design Love - Gro Company

Every now and then you really fall in love with the quality and look of a brand. I am loving the minds of Gro Company's designers. The slightly baggy comfortable style for boys and the pastel colours with a romantic twist for the girls are so spot on! Every time I view their new collection I get giddy and I can see my own kids comfortably wearing their threads for years to come. They have managed to find the perfect balance. Not too babyish cute and not too cool that it would mean no colour is allowed! The little details like diagonal cuts and hidden pockets are as sweet feature that just reminds you that you are dealing with designers that care. Recently we got a wonderful longsleeve featuring the adorable doodle logo and Ozzy pants from Lilla Company that just confirmed what we already know. They are one of our favorite designers!

Recently Gro Company opened up their own international webshop. There you can find most of their current collections and keep updated with their up and coming shows/collections. Don't forget to check out their new Sprout collection which caters for the older kids/teenagers.

More photos of M&D wearing Gro Company here.
Girls harem pants
Boys Ohio tee
Boys Ozzy pants
Girls dress


  1. Aren't they great? I think us Finns are finally starting to dig Gro as well. It has been and still is, quite unknown here but hopefully people will see how beautiful their clothes are :)


  2. Every time I look at their clothes up close I get impressed. It will be great seeing those clothes on my little guy.. he will rock out in them for sure! I think all it takes is buying a few items and you will be hooked.


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