Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brand Watch | Danefæ

One of the brands we fell in love with while living in Denmark was the colourful world of Danefæ! When the winter months landed on our heads and the darkness was a fact, I loved seeing the classic Danefæ raincoats on busy mothers with prams darting through the rainy days like little rays of light. The clothes were no different, and provided nice bright conversation pieces on several of the mother's group meetings I went to. It is a label that very much have become a part of the country itself. The big viking print is a classic, and so is the beautiful swan print for the girls. I love their nice colourful stripes and there is something so wonderful about their whole range, year after year. Maybe it is because Scandinavia has such long winters that the colours are so vibrant and necessary but I think no matter where you live in the world, you will always appreciate this brand.

The clothes comes pre-washed and are ready to jump into and the quality is nothing but amazing. Both my children have grown up in Danefæ clothes, and now when it is making it's second round, they still look brand new after several rounds in the washing machine!

Right now Danefæ are having their BIG SALE on. I couldn't help but getting some items since I know they will last for such a long time. They do international shipping and for those who live outside of the EU, you will be happy to hear that they have tax free shopping as an option! I will show you them when they get to this side of the world.

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  1. We have just begun our presale with a 35% sale discount for all our members.


    In addition you will find lots of new Danefæ on our shelves.


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