Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moments | Super hero in the Sand

D wears: Beanie by Cotton On, Sweatshirt by Beau Loves, Baggy leggins by Popupshop.

Sometimes it is easy to see why some designers put designs that kids themselves would like to wear in a heartbeat. Not to mention how easy the morning dressing routine gets. As soon as D saw this sweater by Beau Loves in the morning he insisted on wearing it. It is funny how they connect a mask to something fun and super hero so quickly. He was zooming around the living room and making kapow sounds and nothing were more obvious than it was what it took to put a special super spin on our morning. Our heater decided to die yesterday evening so when we woke up it was freezing in the house. I rugged myself up and even wore a beanie inside the house! Yes it was actually that beanie in the photos. D saw it and instantly claimed it! Oh well with that big noggin of his he can pull it off! Haha.

Here are some photos from today. Yes we are back on our favorite nook in the bay. Here D can run around freely and get some nice dog pats in if he is lucky too. We managed to squeeze in lunch and snack time in one big go and I have to say we felt lucky to not be rained on. I am hoping for some warm rays for tomorrow (and hopefully we get our heater fixed as well!).


  1. That sweater is so cool! Let me know how it behaves when washed.


    1. Hi Jenni,
      will do! Its got a nice thick velour feeling to it... really nice.

  2. Again so lovely pictures! And the shirt is awesome (plus the pants too, we have similar pair ;D).

    1. Hi Sari!! Hope all is good :) Thank you..well we got quite similar taste so the awesome is very mutual :)) Take care.


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