Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moments | Sun we love you!

D wears: Zip up sweater by Katvig, Jeans by Cotton On Kids, Beanie by Gumdrop, shoes by Pumpkin Patch.

It has been a couple of days of sickness for us. The little man came down with something resembling a full on flu. High fever to the point where he was delirious aiming for hugs into the thin air and mumbling about cats.... poor thing! So for two full nights there was no sleep for us, which quickly turns you into a walking, drooling zombie. To add to the fun it has been nothing but coldness and rain so going out has not been an option. Today he was finally fever free and in a much better mood. It is incredible how bossy and grumpy they can get when they are sick. Endless shouts for water!!! And instead of the usual quite pleasant ... please, it just ended with a big grunt instead.

With the boy feeling better the weather also came back and we decided it was time to go out and get a bit of sun on our cheeks. That seem to do the trick for both of us! A bit of fresh sea air and a couple of animal visits put us right back where we want to be... happy!


  1. I hope you got rid of the flu!:)
    Wow, these pictures are awesome!

    1. Hi! Thank you... well it seems to be trying to get the rest of the family now, but we are hoping some good vitamins and some sun will make the sickness go away :) Hope you are having some nice sunny days over in Finland!!


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