Thursday, March 29, 2012


Every since my daughter entered a drawing competition for Mini & Maximus last year her love for the creative field has somehow grown even more. She sits down for a drawing session almost every day and the art she brings home from school comes in an endless stream that always results in a lot of oohs and ahhhs from us parents.

I love the fact that kids have an seemingly never ending imagination and the art that comes from that is nothing but inspiring! The art tees by Mini & Maximus are such a nice step in the right direction for children's fashion. The best thing about kids art is that they are naturally proud to wear it. The scribbles, the colours, the shapes they all speak an universal language among kids (and adults too I should add) and I love that MIMA has decided to put focus on that in their collections. It doesn't hurt that they have gathered some pretty amazing older talents from around the world to make some very interesting collaborations as well.

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  1. we love mini & maximus too. creative bunch of people it seems.


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