Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sometimes it is so easy to forget yourself in the hustle and bustle of dressing kids and getting your everyday in order. Thought I would share my own current style wishes. Feels like I am constantly on the run these days so the urge of being comfortable is right up there. Some of the styles are already ordered and on its way, thank goodness for online shopping!

1. Tee by Cheap Monday / 2. Denims by One teaspoon / 3. Tan Shopper by asos / 4. Mohikan moccasins by Vans.


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Sari - Just saw you had a mum post too...how funny! Liked the things you got from asos as well. Such a handy webshop that one.

    2. Asos is one of my favourite shops for me, they have loads of brands and their own Asos-brand makes lots of cool things. :)

    3. Yes I have gotten Asos before but didn't actually know they had their own webstore until quite recently. They ship for free as well which is great!


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