Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moments | Ferns & Forests

M wears: Dress by Mói / Leggings by Mói / Shoes by 10IS. D wears: Top by Mói / Leggings by Mói / Shoes by Converse.

Some photos from our trip up to the mountains this weekend. It is finally warm again and it is a relief to be able to throw off the jackets again. Spring is in full swing up in the ranges. The flowers are bursting out of their buds and the colour is amazing up there. We had to visit our favourite hike path to check out the incredible tall trees and big ferns. We said hello to the brown pig which has become somewhat of a tradition now. It is always nice to escape into nature to put things in perspective. The majestic trees that seem to go on and on, makes you feel small but in a good way.

The kookaburras were laughing high up in the trees and the kids were enjoying playing with sticks that of course turned into pirate swords in no time. I always marvel at the fantastic details nature serves up every time you talk a walk in it. The tiny seed pods, the delicate leaves of the ferns, the amazing fresh air! We rounded off the day with a late lunch at the Black Kettle and a quick peek at the wonderful plant nursery that they have up there in the Dandenong Ranges.


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