Sunday, September 29, 2013

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M wears: Mika Sweatshirt by Mini & Maximus / Cloud pants by Shampoodle / Tee by Mini & Maximus. D wears: Surf Campo Hoodie by Frank & Lu / Tee by Mini & Maximus / Cap by Munster, Leggings by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by MAÁ shoes.

It was a Friday full of energy. Both kids at home and a lot of different ideas on what to do. One wanted to be Spiderman the other wanted to paint her nails. We did both and then decided to have a picnic outside. The sun has been very moody lately so when its finally out you got to grab the opportunity to play in it. It has also been a very windy week so the only place you can go to be free from it is that special sand dune place which is sheltered from all the hard winds coming from the sea.  M was happy to get to try out her sweater that she drew for Mini & Maximus. It arrived the other week and it was fun seeing how proud she was to wear it. 

Little brother got to try out the good jumping place and we all got to have a good tumble in the sand. I can't wait until we can actually bring some swim wear and spend a whole afternoon here.

Happy Sunday out there!!

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  1. Once again amazing photos!! You are going to make me poor! Hehe, but I love it I always seem to find new labels that I have never heard of before. I will have to look into the hoody and the Mini and Maximus clothes look wonderful too. Your daughter is great at drawing! xx - Sarah


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