Friday, September 20, 2013

Moments | Catch Me if you Can

D wears: Hoodie by Mini & Maximus / Leggings by Mini Rodini / Tee by Mini Rodini / Shoes by MAÁ shoes / Backpack by Mini Rodini

"Look at me mum, I am a ninja, a ninja on a bike". Yes, I sure feel like a mum of a ninja lately. It is all about speed. Running, climbing, scootering you name it. Here are some photos from the other day, where I was trying to keep up. I don't know... I think I have to go to ninja school, because I am getting puffed just trying to keep up with this little guy's pace. Lucky for me he does stop to smell the flowers.

Over here it's schools out for two weeks, end of term 3, woohoo! Can't believe it always catches me be surprise. It is bad when your daughter have to remind you its the end of term and a school holiday is coming up ;) Next week means celebrating a certain 7 year old (where does time go!?) All good stuff.. Enjoy your Friday out there and have a lovely weekend!!

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