Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moments | Chesterfield Children's Farm

M wears: Fleece by Bobo Choses / Skirt by April Showers / Leggings by Soft Gallery / Tee by ESP no.1 D wears: Tee by Chasers Kids / Denims by Pumpkin Patch / Fleece by Bobo Choses / Cap by Munster Kids.

Both kids voted for seeing some animals this weekend, so on Saturday we drove up to Chesterfield Children's Farm ( I have written about it before here). It is a fully operational farm that is open daily for families ( you can buy feed bags and several times a day they have tractor rides and learn how to milk a cow sessions). I still find it funny as a Swede to come to a farm and find animals like Ostriches, Camels, Lamas and Alpacas. But of course you also find the more common ones like lambs, goats, pigs, rabbits, horses, cows etc.

Both kids got their own feeding bag and went right to it. It took a while for the kids to work up their courage to feed the bigger animals, but they finally got there. M fed the most gorgeous deer which was all white and so gentle. We had a great time walking around, going on a tractor ride (which sent D into a euphoric state... traaaactors!) The highlights of the day was seeing the kids just interacting with the animals, and the parents had a few share of their own interactions. I had to range in an escaped baby lamb who got out of its pen (read D opened the pen door) and carry it back in. And the cheeky ostrich (see pic) who took a whole feed bag from the Dad who bravely wanted to show us how you feed an ostrich the right way! All of us giggled while Dad here tried to get it back... needless to say he lost the battle, and the ostrich had a good, big lunch.

A great way to spend a Saturday and definitely something the kids remembers and love to visit again.


  1. you went to the farm and we went to the zoo :)
    beautiful photographs, annica!

    1. Lu - I hope you enjoyed the Zoo!! That is on our school holiday to do list as well :) Thank you for your lovely comments :))

  2. so cute ! I love this yellow wellies ;)) Greetings from sheffield

    1. Hi świat Oliwiera - yes they are a favourite those wellies! Yellow brings sunshine to even the greyest day :)


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