Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moments | Weekend

First week of school holiday has passed. We have managed to do quite a lot together and still been able to squeeze in some work in there as well. We have also celebrated a special 7 year old, and had a fun packed day on Thursday where everybody was off work/daycare to make the day special for M. When I get through the photos we took that day I will share some of them here.

There will be a lot of exciting Brand Watches to come up next week so keep an eye on the blog to see some interesting and fairly new labels that have some amazing design in their collections.

Today is Grand Final day here in Australia (which for the non Australians is Australian Football finals) and pretty much all of Victoria stands still. Since we are not major footy fans we will try and visit a couple of places that are normally people packed, and enjoy the lack of long queues ;) Enjoy your Saturday out there!

Ps: and no my desk is normally not this clean... usually its full of notebooks, pens, photos and toys! So I had to take a photo to remember how nice it looks organized and clean in hope it would look like this again soon.

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