Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello Summer | Swim suits

With summer around the corner (yes I keep whispering those words to myself, especially when Spring is behaving badly and giving us rain and cold winds) I thought I would share my favourite beach wear for both boys and girls. With kids growing from year to year it is sometimes necessary to have a look in the wardrobe and realize that the two sizes too small swim suit is perhaps not so charming anymore especially when the bum cheeks are about to fall out.

First out are these two swim suits from Country Road. I am so weak for the zigzag pattern and this red and pink combo is gorgeous. I am equally weak for swans (probably have 4 tops of swans from Danefæ in our wardrobe) so  this lovely white and blue swim suit is also high on our list.

You can find the swim suits here:

Swan Print swim suit / Zigzag swim suit.


  1. Love them both! But the one on the left a little bit more ;) Lucky you! Here, in Poland, we have to wait another 9 months for the Summer. Autumn is already here.

  2. Hi justysik! It is my favourite as well! I had a look at it yesterday and I had to really keep my fingers from my wallet (we already got one from Munster kids coming soon, so no need for another one ). I hope the summer that just passed was a wonderful one though... we are longing for some sunny days over here in Australia soon.


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