Friday, August 24, 2012

Zara Boy

Here is a pick for a boy I made from ZARA's selection (Scandinavian stores) All items are reasonable priced and are available in stores and online.


  1. I LOVE Zara! Too bad they only have a store in Helsinki and although I don't live far from Helsinki I don't usually go shopping there (and if I do, I go shopping for things for me). And they don't have an e-store in Finland yet so we don't have a lot of clothes from Zara (and what we have are for me). :)

    1. I use to love to go into ZARA when I was living in Copenhagen. I would always find so much in one go. I somehow always seem to fall in love with the Scandinavian collection and haven't quite figured out if those are going to get over here at some point. We have ZARA here now too, but I can't find the same cool stuff there for kids. Maybe it is time for another look soon :)


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