Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scooter Sunday

Big scooter love today. Little man D finally got his wish and got his very own scooter. We have had this debate on weather we should get a two wheel scooter or a three wheel scooter. The two wheel one has worked great for M, but it did take her a while to get really good balance on it. The three wheel Micro scooter is an instant zippidy zap scooter that almost every little kid can figure out. The negative is that it is not foldable and it is more than twice as expensive than for example a Razor scooter.

We finally decided we would get a Micro one since the little guy is just so eager to get going and he would be too impatient to practice for several months before getting his scooter abilities up. And as you can see he gave it two thumbs up! Now we are just hoping he won't want to switch it in for a two wheeler until he is at least 5! Here's to hoping...haha. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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