Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moments | Keeping Warm

M wears: Coat by Witchery Kids // Knit by FUB // Leggings and skirt by Molo // Faux fur hat by Billabong // Ugg boots by EMU. D wears: Jacket by Finger In The Nose // Pants by Småfolk // Hoodie by Shrunk by Scotch // Beanie by The Brand.

It feels like the winter has retaken this part of the world and is constantly handing us days with rain and cold winds. Due to those boring conditions it has been virus galore here. Both myself and M has been down with yet another flu and after a day of just hanging out in bed together we decided it was time to get some fresh sea air into those tired heads of ours. It was COLD down by the shore, and I am glad we brought the big old bear hat for M to have on. Even though it was windy we had a good time just checking out the marine life, and looking at the kite boarders that were having a good time using the wind to get some thrills. But I have to say, the wish is unanimous... we would love to trade those bulky outfits for some thin tees, board shorts, sandals and skirts!! Please hurry up Spring, and stop teasing us with 17c days and then 6c the next. OK end of winter rant :)

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