Saturday, August 4, 2012

Metsola Love!

We got some sunshine today and decided to head to a park nearby for some lunch in the outside. It is good when the days allows you to throw off your jacket and just hang in a shirt instead. This terry top by Finnish Metsola is a nice option for a day like today. I love the clear red and white stripes and it feels a bit extra warm because if its fine terry material. I also like that I can pass it down to the little brother when it gets too small for Big Sis. This top is available right here through Baby Goes Retro.


  1. Goooo Finland! ;)

    Btw, love the helmet your kid has in the previous post (well, you only have cool things for your kids ;D).

    1. Sari - yes go Finland!! :) Metsola makes such nice bright clothes.. i love them! D got a jeep longsleeve that was so great too, you can always see them in a crowd at the playground which is a massive bonus..haha.

  2. Hi, where can I find the red shoes in the picture?


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