Monday, August 13, 2012

Sponsor Highlight | About A Boy

I am happy to say welcome to one of my newest sponsor, About A Boy! A place were you can find clothes with a bit of edge & cool for your boy brood. At About A Boy you can find labels like, Minti / Littlehorn / Munster / Tree Little Trees / Knucklehead / Sookie baby / Cried Wolf  to mention a few. Right now the summer collection of Minti is knocking down the door at About A Boy, and above is just a tiny bit of all the gorgeous summer fashion you can get for you boy right now.

1. Ice cream tee / 2. Good shorts / 3. Wild Thing tee / 4. Track shorts / 5. Masked tee / 6. Smith shorts / 7. Owl bib / 8. Baby Big M shortie shorts / 9. Baby Fox onepiece / 10. Peace Owl blanket / 11. I Am New blanket

A bit about About A Boy...
The birth of Katie’s second son was the final straw. She had to create her own online children’s fashion store, and she had to do it now. Katie was no longer willing to go through the frustration of trying to find the ideal clothes, toys and accessories for her two sons. Where’s all of the boy’s stuff? That’s when I Want Fabulous! was born.

Through establishing I Want Fabulous! Katie discovered a knack for children’s fashion - and being “Mum” to two young boys inspired a particular flair for boy’s fashion. Over time, Katie’s vision for her business evolved, and her focus on boys fashion and accessories deepened.
I Want Fabulous! has been transformed in line with Katie’s vision, and has now become About A Boy. Katie’s trademark flair for finding cool boy’s products is equaled only by her passion for her work. Well, that and her ability to talk the ear off anyone who will listen once she gets started talking about boy’s fashion!

When she isn’t working, you might find Katie sipping an iced coffee whilst hanging out with her family. Zipping around the netball court is one of Katie’s favourite pastimes. She has a secret love of Grey’s Anatomy and is sometimes fueled by delicious creations from her local gourmet burger bar.

Katie loves to spoil her customers, and About A Boy shoppers enjoy first class customer service time after time. Her personal touch is what Katie and About A Boy have become known for. “I hope you love About A Boy as much as I do – happy shopping!” Katie x

Visit About A Boy


  1. This is so cool! I remember when I was still dreaming about my own shop I used to visit About a boy site MANY times thinking "maybe one day I'll have one of my own" ;) They have such a great selection, e.g. Minti and Munster <3

    - Jenni

    1. Hi Jenni,

      that is fun to hear, and I am glad your dream came true! I think it is pretty cool they got an entire site for stylish clothes for boys. I know a lot of mums are struggling finding fun and edgy clothes for boys so its nice there is a good source for it.


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