Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SALE | Minibots

Wow, it is HARD to not go shopping crazy with the current sales going on all over the net. I always try and do my shopping during the sales, and this year there are so much to choose between. Minibots are having a massive sale at the moment and I took a minute to gather some nice pieces for a girl. It was so hard to just pick a few items since there are so many lovely little pieces but this is something I know my own girl would love to kick back and relax in. Head on over to see if you can score some nice bargains while you are there, you won't regret having a look around. Boys picks are coming shortly.


  1. great picks, I love missy munster stuff. love munster too, north america take note, the southern hemisphere is where its at with kids fashion! (currently in north america and shaking my head)

  2. Hi Tani,
    good to hear from you, all the way over there in North America! Yep, Missy Munster/Munster rocks and you are right The Southern Hemisphere is really kicking up the dust in the kid fashion department. So many good brands coming up... talking about that, I read the piece on Doodlebug in Peppermint yesterday! Really nice one... great to see such good words and pics on your label! Looking forward to seeing your winter collection soon!!


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