Monday, January 16, 2012

New Week!

Hope all your weekends were good? There is something about starting a new year that suddenly gives you a kick in the butt. We are terrible at getting stuff done on weekends. Most of the "to do" things goes out the window and we spend them hanging in some park or at the beach instead. This time around I actually wrote a list to tick off, so we got some stuff done as well. I have to admit, it felt good.

Finally got to measure up the kids new room and put in that IKEA visit to figure out the layout of the room they are going to share. We got one awesome sleeper and one not so good sleeper. But after 2 years we have finally decided it is time the kids can share one big bedroom together. Luckily for us our awesome sleeper could sleep through a full blown hurricane, so hopefully there won't be too much disturbance for big sister. We saw some awesome layout solutions that will give both kids some sense of ownership in the room. Definitely worth a post someday soon. Some new changes and challenges coming up soon, will tell you more about it later this week.


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