Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Change is in the air

It feels like we are preparing for a lot of new things this year. One of the things is school that is starting next month and with it a lot of new changes for Mika. New friends, new routines, new excitement. Uniform and lunchbox every day, is just 2 of the things that I am not used to, being brought up in Scandinavia. At first I was quite taken aback by the uniform idea. I thought that they looked like little miniature adults going off to work or being one of many with no room for personality. But now of course I also see the positive fact that you know what to put on them in the morning. There will be no bullying over brands and what not to wear etc, all good things of course. Since Mika has more or less grown up here so she is quite excited about her new uniform and looking the same as her other classmates. She has already worn it to school, and she looked at least 10 cm taller, from just being so proud.

Another thing is the lunchbox. I am sure there are super mums out there that goes up really early in the morning and prepare their kids lunchboxes every day but I am secretly wishing the Australian system would adopt the Swedish system of hot lunch in school! Lucky for us Mika eats pretty much everything, and loves her vegetables and fruits so hopefully we will be resourceful enough to give her a big enough variety every week. If anybody out there has some good lunchboxes ideas or links please send them our way! Also the search for the perfect lunchbox is ON! Something with enough compartments and enough space to fit a cooling block in there? Yep.. the search is on, the change is in the air..

Here are some photos of Missy M from yesterday. Proudly wearing her own made bracelet, and demonstrates just how easy it is to look after little brother when he takes off in the wrong direction.

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