Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Glow | Rebecca Minkoff

We are back in the saddle! You sure know your holiday is over when you have to drag yourself up at an unreasonable hour of 7 am compared to the holiday comfort of 10 am. I had to send my youngest off to day care this morning, who when he realized that we all weren't going off in the car for a joint adventure screamed his head off. Ugh.. it is never fun to send him off when he is that unhappy. Luckily I know that he loves his teachers and that after a 10 minute cry he is all happy and playful again. Husband is back to work and I have the luxury of having my girl with me for a month before she starts school for the first time. I am going to spoil her with attention and enjoy the time we have together before school routine kicks in.

So now it is 2012, its 10 am and to get me started I am holding a coffee and I am going to head on over to The Glow for a quick read.
This time around it is At Home with Rebecca Minkoff & Luca, NY.

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