Wednesday, January 4, 2012

INSPIRATION | Christiania and the Houses it built

Recently I flipped through an architecture book that brought me right back to when I was living in Copenhagen, and worked close to the freetown of Christiania. This area has been so controversial and talked about, and by now I am sure it is merely a memory and normalized by the government. I used to love going to the different cafes there, and visit their incredible bike shops, and not to mention the fantastic little home made homes that was all over the area. We sat and had barbeques by the lake while watching these magnificent and original homes.

There were so much discussion if such a community should be allowed with no laws regarding selling marihuana. But the community was so much more than that... The idea of being free of governmental rules, and free to live in what you build seemed almost magical in today's age and that is what I am going to miss the most. I was trying to find the name of a book that is dedicated to the amazing homes of Christiania that I once was holding in my hands but no such luck. It was like a guide to hobbit homes!! If I ever see that book again I am definitely buying it. There just aren't enough of those places around anymore...

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