Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sponsor Highlight | Fourmonkeys

Say hello to one of my new sponsors Fourmonkeys! Fourmonkeys was an old dream come true for founder Kinga Bereczki. After a few years of detour and testing the waters, Fourmonkeys was finally founded in 2012. The original idea was to simplify parents' life by making shopping easy, fun and quick. Small and big labels intermingle to result in well selected and easy to mix and match outfits.

Emphasis is put not only on design and aesthetics but also on sustainability, fairness and comfort. Artisanship is valued high. Fourmonkeys' uniqueness lies in the innovative shopping experience, where shoppers can select from four different characters: minimal, rocker, chic and colorful.

I had the chance to catch up with the founder, Kinga recently and got to ask her a few questions regarding her shop Fourmonkeys!

Can you tell us a little about how Fourmonkeys started? What is your inspiration, and how did you come up with the name?

It is quite cliche, but there was always a dream of doing my own business, being my own boss, but it was never clear what is it exactly that I want to do. After the birth of my daughter, this idea of having a shop started to crystallize, and here I am, a few years later with an online shop. 
My inspiration lies in my daughter, naturally. Her happy character, good heart and funny mind inspire me every day.

Hmm, the name! Many people ask now, why monkeys? I must say, that I don't remember. I was very sure that I want outfits, and I was thinking long of a way how to present it in an online shop. After a while I was talking about cool monkey heads on shop window dolls. It is 'fourmonkeys' because there are four different styles and outfits: the minimal, the rocker, the chic and the colourful. 

Four Monkeys is a concept store who is based on four characters, the rocker, the minimal, the colourful, the chic how do you go about sourcing the different labels for the different concepts? 
For two of the four characters it is really easy to order. The minimal and the rocker are closest to my taste and I have no problem finding labels. The other two are a little more difficult and exciting, because I have to think what the customers would like to buy. It is a learning curve, but I am having fun with it! I go to Playtime Paris twice a year, but most  of the time I do a lot of internet research. You never know where you will find your next favourite label: Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter...

What is your own favorites from your shop?

Oh gosh! I really have to pick???? I love the MAA sneakers, the fragment bell dress from New Generals, the ESP NO1 jeans, the sons+and daughters sunglasses...oh and the underwear from Goatmilk. Actually I love everything! I have a very minimal shop and stock, and everything I chose are really favourites! Sorry :)

Head on over to Fourmonkeys to check out this cool concept store with hand picked goodies from all over the world! Right now they are having a big 40% OFF sale so be quick for some great bargains!

Big thanks to Kinga for giving us a peek into the wonderful world of Fourmonkeys! I would like to end it of with a showing some photos from their recent fashion show they held. Loving the cool little models featuring their four character outfits. 



  1. What an amazing concept! Love the styling!

    1. Julia - great with finished concepts if you are low on time and want something super stylish in no time :)

  2. I def like the concept of this store! Very unique!!

    1. Hi Hollie - I agree, very unique and it must be fun to collate the different characters for customers!


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