Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Moments | Up up and Away

M wears: Sweater by Missie Munster / Jeans by Missie Munster / Shoes by Vivo barefoot. D wears: Hoodie by Munster / Jeans by Munster / Shoes by Feiyue / Cap by Munster.

After Saturday's rainy menu we welcomed some sun on Sunday and got a chance to try out a birthday gift. It was perfect kite weather so a trip to the beach was on the agenda. The jelly fish kite was an excellent choice since it was so easy to get up in the air and maneuver for both kids. We were not the only one who were taking advantage of the winds that day. The whole bay area was filled with kite boarders who flew off the waves, doing tricks in the air. Hopefully we get to spend more afternoons down here soon. Can't wait for the warmer winds to join us too!

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