Monday, July 29, 2013

Small Wonders from My Little Square

If you have visited My Little Square lately, you might have noticed some new changes. Not only have they been busy unpacking new items and having a massive sale, but they have also changed their logo. Right now they have also released their 'Back to School' Magazine which you can flip through here.

Since I don't have a little baby around the house, it is rare that I look at baby clothes, but with the lovely selection that My Little Square has it is a joy to browse and make some nice collages, so here is some of our favorites from their baby section.

1. Rain Cloud Mobile by Coccoli Home / 2. Turquoise Kili Transformer bed by Sebra / 3. Throw by April Showers / 4. Tiger back pack by Coq en pate / 5. Parma Tunisian T-shirt by Moon et Miel / 6. Parma Leggings by Moon et Miel / 7. Pink pale tee by Je suis en CP / 8. Sleeveless waistcoat by Indikidual / 9. Sun hat by Bobo Choses / 10. Shape box by Sebra  / 11. Mint mountain shelf by Coccoli Home / 12. Bloomers by Petit Produit / 13. Beach set by Coq en Pate


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  1. This is so cute <3 LOVE the shelf, backpack and that throw is amaaaazing :-)


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