Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Moments | Beach House Weekend part III

And finally some photos from the little guy's birthday celebrations. We decided to surprise him with a big bag of presents on Saturday morning which resulted in heaps of smiles and excitement. There is nothing like having a birthday and being on holiday at the same time. We even managed to find him a cake we could bring, a Lightning McQueen cake on top of that, which to this little man was gold. Wish I could say it tasted as good as it looked but, no such luck there ;) We had to fix that with a chocolate cake when we got back home again, haha.

We really enjoyed our stay, and managed to fit in a cozy movie night, with popcorn and Finding Nemo, bath with the new toys to play with followed with hot chocolate in front of the fire. Needless to say the kids were sad when it was time to go again, but we all agreed we should come back in the warmer months and try out the beach again!

If you would like to try our little adventure for yourself, you can book the beach house right here.

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