Monday, July 15, 2013

Moments | Beach House Weekend part I

M wears: Jacket by Geggamoja / Hoodie by Nova Star / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Gumboots by Bergstein / Beanie by Cotton OnD wears: Jacket by The Brand / Pants by Molo / Beanie by Rockafella / Gumboots by Hummel Kids.

We had a great little get away this weekend when we packed the car and drove off towards the Gippsland territory and the little fishing town of Walkerville. We rented a great little beach house with walking distance to the wonderful Walkerville South beach. The drive was a wonderful adventure in itself, where we stopped over at Caldemear farm and had lunch and milkshakes. The kids got to pet some farm animals and it was a great place to stop to stretch some tired legs.

After our lunch we continued our drive through the Gippsland area which is a beautiful landscape filled with lush, green hills with grassing cows and sheep where ever your eye could see. I can see why Gippsland is the dairy source # 1 in Australia. This area almost remind me more of Ireland. The view was amazing from the road which went up and down like a roller coaster. After about 2 and a half hours we finally reached our destination which was perfect timing. The kids loved the house we had rented. It was a lovely raised beach house with high ceiling and nice views. The kids got their own room with bunk beds which was an instant hit.

After we had settled in and unpacked we headed down to the walking track to check out the area. It became a moon lit walk down to the beach which was amazing. We all agreed to return early the next day so we could experience it in the light. We walked home and lit the open fire and had some hot chocolate while listening to all the different animal sounds we don't get to experience living in the city. Since next day was going to be full of fun things as we had a little 4 year old to celebrate and lots of outdoor to explore, we all turned in early and slept in our new beds. 

To be continued in next post!!


  1. WOW! Your pics are awesome!!

    1. Thank you Maria, it was definitely a slice of heaven on earth so it was easy to see beauty in the lens :)


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