Friday, March 22, 2013

Moments | Thank You Summer!

M wears: Dress by Shampoodle / D wears: Tee by Mini & Maximus / Shorts by Nova Star.

Thank you Summer for all the lovely warm days you have given us. Thank you for the seemingly endless days on the beach and the good excuse you gave us to eat some more ice cream. Thank you for all those amazing sun sets you gave us, and for allowing us to have some more outside BBQ's with good friends that ended with lots of laughter in the early morning hours. You have really been exceptional this year and we are all the more happier for it. We have just one more favor to ask of you.. can you please hang around a little bit longer? We are not ready to see you go, just yet. I guess it is a tug war between letting Spring begin over in Europe and letting Summer end over here. I guess you have to go soon, but then please promise me this... don't stay away for too long... We already miss you!

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